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Young Boy Willing To Give Up His Own Life To Save His Twin Sister

By Karly Carpena
September 15, 2016

Doctor Jim Clark was fighting for his patient Liz’s life. The five-year-old had a rare disease and urgently needed a blood transfusion in order to survive. Her only hope was to receive a blood donation from her twin brother: not only because the siblings had the same blood type, but also because he himself had survived the condition that she suffered from. His blood therefore contained an antibody that could save Liz’s life.


When Jim asked the boy if he would agree to give blood for his sister, he was initially hesitant. But when the doctor explained to him that it was the only way to save his sister’s life, he agreed.

The transfusion proceeded. The two siblings lay next to each other during the treatment and the doctor was relieved as he saw color return to Liz’s face. But when the procedure was finished, the plucky young boy suddenly became very serious and asked the doctor a question that he will never forget: “So when will I die?”

The boy must have thought that with his blood donation, he would be literally giving his life to save his sister’s. The doctor reassured him immediately and clarified that of course he wasn’t going to die.

Jim was struck by the profound and pure love behind the little boy’s misunderstanding, and shared this wonderful story on the internet.


The story of these twins leaves no-one unmoved, particularly because of the little boy’s innocence and unconditional proof of his love. He is without a doubt the best brother in the world.

Source: Imgur