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You Think It’s Just A Picture Of A BIG Baby, Then The Camera Pans Out? OMG!

By Karly Carpena
May 16, 2016

The average weight of a healthy baby is usually somewhere around 6 – 8 lbs. That’s why the size of this newborn is so astounding:


Akbar from Indonesia is the biggest baby to ever be born in his country. He is almost double the weight of other newborns from his region. He weighs nearly 19 lbs., which is the average weight of an Indonesian 1-year-old.


Akbar’s mother Ani suffered from pregnancy diabetes, which is the cause of her baby’s large size. Other than his massive girth, Akbar is happy and healthy, and his mom has also recovered fully from his birth.


“Akbar” means “giant’ in Indonesian. I’d say they’ve hit the nail on the head with this little one’s name.