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You Are Eating Poison And You Don’t Even Know About It

By Karly Carpena
August 24, 2016

Here’s a guide on how to assess whether the food your eating is safe to consume. After reading this, you will be a lot more careful when you go shopping.


This picture will show you how to assess the safety of your food based on the number on the stickers. Conventionally grown food has only 4 digits, organically grown food has 6 digits, and begins with 9, and genetically modified organisms have 5 digits and begin with an 8.


Conventionally Grown Food uses pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This makes the food grow bigger and faster.


Organic food is the safest because it does not use unnatural fertilizers or pesticides. This is the safest food to eat.


Genetically modified organisms use altered d.n.a to grow bigger and faster food. These foods have been linked with many health problems.