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8 Months Pregnant, She Suffers A Headache. Then Doctors Reveal The TERRIFYING News…

By Karly Carpena
March 1, 2016


Mandy Banks was eight months into her pregnancy, when she had a horrible headache. She took Advil, but nothing seemed to be working. After her speech started slurring, her husband rushed her to the hospital.


At the hospital, doctors confirmed that she was suffering from a “hemorrhagic stroke.” Her life was not only in danger, but so was her baby. The doctors knew they had to act fast to save the baby and performed an emergency Cesarean section.


The baby boy was born with great health, but it was just the beginning for Mandy. She had to be immediately airlifted to the Swedish Medical Center to undergo intense brain surgery.


Both survived and are doing well! Check out the entire story below: