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Woman Rallies Support For Police With Thin Blue Line Stickers

By Karly Carpena
September 23, 2015

April Killingsworth of Tangent Signs wanted to show her support for the local police. So she came up with the idea of putting blue stripes on the back of her car, to represent the “thin blue line”.

The term “thin blue line” refers to the concept that police officers are the difference between an ordered society and anarchy.


April posted an invite on Facebook to try and get more people in the community to show their support. What she didn’t know was how many people would respond…

“When we first posted it, it was kind of a sporadic thing that morning,” Killingsworth told KTRE News. “I asked my employee to cut a few blue stripes, and he asked how many and I told him five. We’ll be lucky if five people even show up.”


There was a line of cars parked outside of her print shop of people waiting to get their stickers.


The company ended up giving out over 1000 stickers in two days!


They had people drive from all over East Texas, including members of the Crockett Police Department, who drove 40 miles to get the stickers. Killingsworth said they’ve been getting emails from all over the States, including from NYPD officers and people from California and Minnesota.


Another Texas family has taken up the blue line symbolism in a different way. Anthony Welichko painted a thin blue line on the curb of his neighborhood to let officers know the neighborhood supports them. His post to Facebook went viral.


One commenter showed his solution – a thin blue line on his mail box.


As for Tangent Signs, even though the demand for the blue ribbon stickers has put them behind in their everyday business, they said that supporting law enforcement in such an impactful way makes it well worth it.