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Woman is so obsessed with Barbie, she had plastic surgery to look like the classic doll

By Karly Carpena
December 1, 2016


Just as Valeria is a surgically enhanced Barbie figure, Justin Jedica is a Ken wannabe. In February 2013, Valeria flew to New York to meet him for a feature on “Insider Edition&”. Barbie and Ken fans will be sad to find out that the two can’t stand each other. Justin Jedica has had over 100 plastic surgeries and has spent over $100,000. He’s had five nose jobs, a brow lift, pectoral implants, chin work, buttock work, and other surgeries. He called Valeria “fake looking” when they met. She countered by saying that he’s had over 100 surgeries to look the way he does while she’s only had 1. Looks like Barbie won that sparring match, Ken…