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Woman Gets Lowered Into A Deadly Crocodile Tank. What Happens Next? HORRIFYING!

By Karly Carpena
July 7, 2016

Skydiving? Zip-lining? Volcano-boarding? Yes, say thrill-seekers, and there’s a reason.


Every adrenaline junkie knows the feeling: Heart pounding. Hands trembling. Blood racing. And then all of a sudden—flying. Plunging through the air, 18,000 feet above the earth, clinging to a parachute that could by all means fail. Hurtling 50 miles an hour down a 1,600-foot volcanic slope, on a “volcano board” popularized by young adventurers. Whooshing down white-water rapids on a flimsy raft. Or being strapped into a zero-gravity roller coaster and preparing to whirl upside down, again and again. Thrill-seekers crave that rush; they thrive on it.

Other factors are psychological and rooted in personality. Thrill-seekers tend to be creative folks who like to make up their own minds. “They’re energetic and self-confident,” Farley says. “And they feel in control of their fate. When they climb Mt. Everest, they figure they’re going to come back. If someone tells them not to do it, that sounds like a rule, so away they go.”

Case in point, Franny is a videographer who is an adrenaline junkie who is always searching for her next thrill.


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