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Woman Covers Cheating Boyfriend’s Car In Period Pads, Finds Out She Made A HUGE Mistake

By Karly Carpena
November 14, 2016


Li Tan, 23, was convinced her boyfriend, De Wu, was cheating on her when he didn’t come home from work on time. Rather than hear her boyfriend’s excuse, she was immediately convinced that he was cheating and decided to plot revenge using 30 sanitary napkins…

Jealous Girlfriend Covers Boyfriends Car In Sanitary Towels

Each minute that passed by where De Qu was late, Li became more and more angry. That’s when she decided to get payback…


Li covered De’s rental car with 30 sanitary napkins. Li’s friends told her not to be so nasty and give her boyfriend the benefit of the doubt: “But she wouldn’t listen as she was convinced he was cheating on her, and so I let her get on with it,” her friend said. “It made her feel better.”

Jealous Girlfriend Covers Boyfriends Car In Sanitary Towels

Li proudly shared photos of her “work” online, saying, “That’s right, I did it!!” Li was flooded with comments from strangers around the world saying things like “That’ll teach him,” to “You should have done it with used ones.”

Jealous Girlfriend Covers Boyfriends Car In Sanitary Towels

When De finally arrived home, he saw the rental car parked outside and immediately tried to explain himself to the infuriated Li. It turned out, De wasn’t cheating. In fact, he was planning a surprise birthday party for Li at a friend’s house!


De even showed Li the restaurant reservation he made online for her birthday dinner before revealing her friends were supposed to come by afterwards to celebrate! “…but I don’t think anyone will want to rent that car anytime soon,” De said.

H/T: Jenny Stanton for MailOnline