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When Her Husband Cheated On Her And Kicked Her Out, She Got The Ultimate Revenge…UNBELIEVABLE!

By Karly Carpena
December 31, 2015

In the story below, a woman plotted the ultimate revenge when her husband dumped her for a young secretary. It’s absolutely genius, and the husband totally deserved it.

Rather than be depressed and helpless when her husband left her, this woman took action and exacted her revenge. She definitely won the divorce!


Edith and her husband Jake were married for 37 years when he dumped her. His new girlfriend instantly demanded that Edith move out of their multi-million dollar house and his well-compensated lawyers made sure everything went his way.

She had three days to move out and she wasn’t going to waste a minute. The first day she spent packing all her worldly belongings into boxes. The second day the movers came and collected her things and by the third day she had some time to relax.

Edith treated herself to a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar and some white wine by candlelight. Once she was done enjoying her meal she took the leftover shrimp shells and caviar and traveled from room to room, stuffing the remains of the seafood into the hollow part of each curtain rod.

Jake and his girlfriend returned to an empty house and were excited about their new life – for about a week until the house started to reek. They did everything they could to clean it up but eventually it got so bad that realtors wouldn’t even return their calls.

They borrowed a ton of money and bought a new place instead, to frustrated to deal with the old one. Edith gave him a call and heard about how bad the house was – so she offered to reduce her settlement if she got her old home back.

The papers were signed that day and a week later Jake and his girlfriend moved all of their things out, curtain rods and all.