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When She Caught Her Daughter Viewing THIS Online, She Shared A Picture For Everyone To See…

By Karly Carpena
May 23, 2016

Cara Schneider never thought her daughter would ever turn out to be a bully. She raised child to be kind, caring, and compassionate.

But when she caught her daughter, Hailey, using her iPod to verbally abuse another child on social media, she came up with a deserving punishment. She decided to make her daughter Hailey sell her iPod and donate the money to an anti-bullying charity.


Cara took the photo of her daughter down after the iPod was sold, but it has since gone viral on other sites.

Cara says: “I’m not worried about the negative that has been said about her punishment,” wrote Cara, on her Facebook page. Then she added, “I am her mother and I did what I thought was best given the circumstances. I’ve tried other punishments, and this fit the crime. I don’t regret a thing.”