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When His Wife Wend Blind, He Spent The Next 10 Years Growing THIS In His Garden…BEAUTIFUL!

By Karly Carpena
February 17, 2016

There is nothing more beautiful than true love! This amazing story takes place every spring in the town of Shintomi, Japan. Crowds of tourists from all over the world come to the Kurokis house to see their incredible pink flower garden. The story behind why one man spent much of his life growing and cultivating the garden has touched millions around the globe…


The Kurokis were married in 1956 via an arranged marriage (more common in those days). It was love at first sight for the two as they settled into rural farm life. Yasuko was known for always having a smile on her face around the small town.

After having children, they decided to switch gears and focus on dairy farming as milk demand was growing…


After 30 years of marriage, Yasuko complained that her eyes were blurry and she couldn’t see the cows in the fields. Toshiyuki immediately took her to the eye doctor and found out that the blindness was a complication of diabetes. She was just 52 years old when she got the shocking news. The woman he had grown to love had lost her smile, her laughter, and her spirit. Because of her sudden ailment, Toshiyuki had to give up the farm to care for his wife.

Toshiyuki tried everything he could to cheer her up, but nothing seemed to work. He just wanted to see her smile again the way she used to before she became blind.


After his wife left the hospital, Toshiyuki was looking out the window and wondered why people were gathered in his garden. Then he realized that they were admiring the moss pink flowers he had planted the year before. That’s when an idea struck him…

It took him 2 years to prepare the soil on the hill behind his home. He planted more and more pink flowers until the entire garden was filled with them. He thought, if he couldn’t get his wife out of the house, then why not bring people to her?