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What You Can Tell About Your Man By The Way He Kisses You

By Karly Carpena
September 14, 2016


1 A peck is a sign that he’s into you but isn’t sure how you feel about him.


2 A woodpecker kiss shows genuine affection. Guys only do this with someone they really love.


3 The French kiss is a sign that the guy is really passionate about you.


4 A love bite shows that a guy is playful and wants to have fun with you.


5 A hard, closed-mouthed kiss can be a sign that your man is really passionate about you.


6 When he pushes you against the wall and gives you a deep kiss, it means he can’t wait to jump in bed with you.


7 The back-bend kiss is a special one. This kiss is a reflection that he is totally in love with you and he is all yours.