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What It Means If You Have These Dimples On Your Back

By Karly Carpena
September 13, 2016

The small dimples formed in the lower back in men and women are called dimples of Venus. They are created by a short ligament stretching between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin, and they are thought to be genetic.


Dimples of Venus are a sign of good circulation and a healthy body, and a sign of beauty, alluding to the origin of their name, Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty.

Apparently, people who have dimples of Venus find it relatively easy to reach an orgasm!

Why? Because the dimples facilitate good circulation, and because of their strategic location around the pelvic area, climaxing becomes easier.


Since they are located in an area where there is no muscle, it is impossible to get these dimples with exercise. However, getting rid of excess fat can make them a little more visible.