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Westworld actress, Evan Rachel Wood, makes a shocking confession about her past

By Karly Carpena
November 29, 2016


Evan Rachel Wood is the star of the hit HBO show Westworld a show about a futuristic park intended for rich guests which is looked after by robotic “hosts”. The park allows its visitors to live out their fantasies through artificial consciousness. Aside from the show making headlines, the actress did a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.


In the interview, Evan opened up to Rolling Stone about her traumatic experience with sexual assault, as well as with a suicide attempt at 22 years old. Revealed her experiences in an email to the publication, Rolling Stone, pared down her statement, which she published in full on Twitter on Nov. 29, 2016.


“I started questioning my reasons for staying vague about my experiences as a girl growing up in America. I think, like a lot of women, I had the urge to not make it a sob story, to not make it about me,” she wrote. She continues on the next page…