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These Wedding Rings Reveal A Beautiful Secret When Combined

By Monica Abelle
September 29, 2016

Choosing the perfect wedding band is always a beautiful thing between a newly married couple, yet many struggle with what kind of ring to choose. After all they will be wearing this piece of jewelry all day every day for the rest of their lives.

Cadi Jewelry studio in Tel Aviv, Israel, creates very special rings. The rings are bought as pair and reveal one special design when combined.


Eliad, a goldsmith, and Maya, a designer, team up to create romantic rings. One ring design includes two cut out shapes that create a heart when placed side by side.


Another design includes a moon and star. This one would be perfect for a pair of “Game of Thrones” fans!


You can choose from different metals including gold, silver, and platinum. The pair of rings can be made with two metals if you and your partner have different preferences.


They have a design for people who feel they are a perfect “fit” for each other. Each pair is more romantic than the last!


You can even personalize your rings with your initials. You and your partner can keep your rings a special secret only the two of you know.


Choose the heart design if you feel you and your future spouse are the perfect soulmates. Engrave a simple message on the inside of your bands for a perfect finishing touch.


Or if you prefer, you can make your ring’s message more public. These are your rings, so make them your own!


The Etsy shop also provides the option of filling your heart with diamonds. While your heart belongs to your beloved, there’s probably a little room in there for some diamonds right?


Whatever you choose, these rings will be a beautiful symbol of your love. If you like what you see, head over to the Cadi Jewelry studio Etsy page and pick out the best ring you’ll ever wear!