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Photographer Captures THIS Magical Moment When A Groom Sees His Bride For The First Time…

By Karly Carpena
December 7, 2015

Self-taught Australia-based photographer Peter Adams-Shawn has made a name for himself by capturing the reflections in wedding guests’ eyes. He took his first “eyescape” in 2011, and has been taking them consistently since 2014.

His work is so unbelievable that the head International Loupe Awards judge apologized to Adams for thinking it was a composite.

“One other secret – the best frames I’ve captured have had the subject smiling,” writes Adams-Shawn. “This relaxes the shot, brings natural creases in the eyes, and even this close, you can tell the subject is smiling.”

In 2011, he was playing with reflections and captured his first “eyescape” of a young flower girl watching the bride do her hair


Son watches his Mum and Dad get married


His work is so unbelievable that ~10-15 percent of professional photographers in forums thought he used photoshop


His photos are 100% real and not composites


Bride looks at her dress


Groom looks at his bride


Bride looks at the guests of her wedding


A father looks on as his daughter and wife have a moment before leaving for the ceremony


The bride’s view of all the guests at the wedding


The bride getting ready as seen through the eyes of one of her bridesmaids


The bride blows a kiss to the groom


Peter Adams-Shawn is now experimenting with bubbles which he says will be his next project