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No one wanted this deaf puppy until a deaf girl adopted him. The two are now inseparable!

By Karly Carpena
November 22, 2016


Walter the puppy was born deaf and was having trouble finding his forever home. Many viewed his disability as a setback until a little girl named Julie came along. Julia was born deaf as well and instantly connected with Walter.

“When I first held Julia, since she couldn’t really hear my voice, she would smell my neck — and when I first held Walter, he did almost the same exact thing,” Julia’s mother said. “I remember just looking at him, and I just knew that he was meant to be ours. They’re the same.”


Because Walter cannot hear, Julia has taken it upon herself to teach him sign language. He can now sit and ask for water and food all using sign language. “I love Walter,” Julia said in sign language. “Walter is my best friend.”

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