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Baby Was Born Premature. But When Mom Lays Him On Her Chest, A MIRACLE Happens…

By Karly Carpena
May 3, 2016

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Having a premature birth, is one of the hardest things a mom can go through mentally and physically. So when Walter Joshua Fretz came into the world few weeks too early, doctors knew he had no chance of surviving. But little Joshua gave their parents a moment they will never forget!

Alexis Fretz, had a normal pregnancy and everything seemed to be going according to plan. But she felt a sharp pain and began bleeding heavily. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and doctors had no choice but to deliver her baby boy.


After being pregnant for just 19 weeks, her beautiful baby was born. With no chance of surviving, a small miracle happened…



For a short moment, Joshua was breathing (although slowly) and when she laid him on her chest she could feel his heartbeat.


But Joshua was gone and his father held him in his arms for the first and last time only to say goodbye.


Joshua’s big sister insisted that she be able to hold and say goodbye to her little brother. It was a sad day in the hospital room.


Although it was just a small moment of life, the family was able to experience him in this world.


This family’s inner strength is so inspiring. She was able to feel the heartbeat or her child for just a moment. RIP Joshua.