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Waffle House Is Offering Romantic, Candlelit Meals For Valentines Day!

By Ace Nichols
January 28, 2016

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and although it is one of the worst days to try and go out to eat at a restaurant with your significant other, everyone does it anyways. So, instead of hitting up your usual 5-star spot this year, why don’t you just hit up your local Waffle House for a romantic evening I’m sure you’ll never forget.


Who knew that Waffle House has actually been serving romantic, candlelit meals at their restaurants on Valentines Day for the past NINE years? Restaurants in 18 different states are now taking reservations for a dream night of smothered hash browns with the one you love that will maybe cost you less than $25. They’re calling it “It’s a Waffle House Love Story” and you could be a part of it this Valentines Day.


How could you miss this?!

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