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She Used A Popular Bath Soap And Stained Her Skin Purple! This Could Happen To You…

By Karly Carpena
January 24, 2016

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There’s nothing better after a longgggggg day than lighting some candles, grabbing a glass of wine, and taking a hot bath to soak away the stress.

But LUSH, the popular cosmetics company, is under fire for causing people’s skin to turn purple. This is because users of the product are applying it as bath soap rather than allowing it to melt into the bath before entering.

“Our products are trying to achieve a lovely colour in the bathwater without colouring the person soaking in that bathwater,” a Lush spokesperson told Metro.

“It is a calculation that has to take into account different hair and skin types, different types of bath equipment and the different ways that people might choose to use any product.”

The company did admit to the problem and says that it is unacceptable regardless if it’s being misused.