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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

By Giselle
October 3, 2016

Even if you live in a climate that is anything but sweater weather, you can make it feel like fall by checking off these autumn essentials.

1. Make Your Own Apple Cider

Yes, it is easier to buy spiced apple juice and throw it in your microwave, but boiling your own is so much more festive and rewarding. All you need to do is put 10 sliced apples with a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of cinnamon, and a tablespoon of allspice in a pot. After a boiling the mixture for few hours, you will have sweet, warm, homemade apple cider.

2. Have A Campfire

I personally use autumn as an excuse to succumb to my sweet tooth. A campfire with friends is always a fun fall activity, but it’s even better when you bring out the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. I like to challenge myself to get the marshmallows a perfect golden brown, but I won’t judge you serial marshmallow burners.

3. Find The Perfect Pumpkin…

There’s nothing that rings in the new season quite like visiting a pumpkin patch. I am immediately transported back to my childhood when I spent hours searching for the perfect gourd. I still love trying to decide whether I want a bright orange, red, yellow, or white pumpkin to decorate my doorstep.

4. …And Carve It!

Now that you have your perfect pumpkin, get out your kitchen knives and your bowl for pumpkin seeds. Whether you choose to carve an intricate spider web, a friendly ghost, or a classic Jack O’ Lantern, make sure to roast your pumpkin seeds with some butter, honey, and brown sugar.

5. Scent Your Home

You can make autumn potpourri with cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, cloves, pine cones, and fall leaves for presentation. Your home will smell just like the cozy season.

6. Watch Psycho, The Shining, and Silence of the Lambs.

Okay fine, you can really watch any classic horror movie. Those just happen to be my three absolute favorites. Sleepy Hollow and Dracula get honorable mentions.

7. Visit A Farm

Pet a piglet, buy some jam, feed a pony. The farm is the perfect place to sip that homemade apple cider and jump in a pile of hay. Even in metropolitan cities there are farms within driving distance. Picking apples and chasing chickens can feel like a different universe than the bustling city.

8. Picnic In A Graveyard

This is more Halloween specific, but graveyards can actually be beautiful, peaceful locations to clear your mind. The gothic headstones and foliage-filled grounds make up the perfect picnicking area. Make sure to bring pumpkin-flavored goodies.

9. Go To The Farmer’s Market

Your local farmer’s market will have lots of seasonal snacks. Pick up some fresh squash, figs, or sweet potatoes. It is always nice to support local farmers, and you will be even more excited to cook with your autumn ingredients. I don’t know about you, but I could always use an incentive to get excited about cooking.

10. Get Lost In A Corn Maze

Find your nearest corn maze. Make sure to bring your friends and your coziest sweater…unless it’s as hot as it is where I am right now, in which case, just bring your friends. Getting lost in a corn maze is a fall essential. Getting out? Well, that’s why you brought friends.