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A School Pantry Was Created To Fight Teen Hunger After A Teen’s Unexpected Confession

By Ace Nichols
April 6, 2016

Lauren and Steven Seroyer, twins attending Peachtree Ridge High School in Georgia, are taking small steps on their own at their school to put a stop to teen hunger, just because they care.

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The twins created a pantry located inside of a storage closet at their school after Thanksgiving to store non-perishable food items for other students who need to take food home to their families. They are calling the program C.A.R.E (Community Assistance Resource Effort) and they have care boxes located throughout the school for students to donate to the cause where others have been generously giving what they can to help.

Lauren came up with the idea for the pantry after she had a very heartbreaking talk with one of her classmates and friends. Lauren told Fox 5 News, “He said he was hungry, but couldn’t bring snacks outside from home. So, that meant nothing from the home could leave the house. He just had breakfast at home and maybe a dinner when he got back home and the rest of the day he just had to go without. I was shocked because I’ve been to Atlanta to help feed the homeless, but never thought someone in my own school would be going through this.”

The pantry is open to everyone in the school and is anonymous. Students in need just have to speak with their school counselor to get confidential access to the pantry. The twins also hope to expand this program to other schools in Gwinnett County.

What an amazing thing these teens are doing to help those in need. Hear more on this story in the video below and SHARE with your friends and family on Facebook.