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Toddler Has Bruises On Her Chest Because Of A Common Item. All Parents Should See THIS…

By Karly Carpena
December 23, 2015

A Facebook user, named Heather Starr, pointed out that if a car seat is installed incorrectly, it can take your child’s life rather than save it.

Starr read a story about a mother and her three-year-old daughter. The two were involved in a car accident, and there was a deep bruising on the little girl’s chest. Starr, a passionate advocate of car seat safety, posted an important message to Facebook.


She explains:

As you all know, I am super passionate about proper car seat safety. Here’s an example of why.
This is a 3 year old girl who was just in a car accident. The bruising on her chest is from her chest clip on her 5 point harness. Notice it was correctly positioned on her chest, at armpit level right between her nipples. Clearly, there was some force to that accident. Had the clip been placed lower, she likely would have had organ damage and internal bleeding. Had it been placed higher, she could have been asphyxiated. (The ER doctor she saw confirmed these facts as well)

Car seat safety is truly that important. It makes me CRAZY when I see kids’ chest clips on their bellies. This is why. This little girl is walking away from a car accident with some uncomfortable chest bruising. A couple inches difference and she wouldn’t have been walking away at all.

It’s. THAT. Important.

*ETA: This isn’t my child, this photo was used with permission from the little girl’s mother.