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Three Jugglers Line Up On Stage. Now Keep Your Eyes On The One In Middle…AMAZING!

By Karly Carpena
November 5, 2015

Do you know how to juggle? It’s pretty damn hard if you ask us, but the guys over at Raw Art are pros. I mean, they completely take juggling to another level!

They take pride in the quality of their films and look at juggling as another way to express themselves.

From their website: “From the point of ideology, post-circus closely resembles art-house in cinema – the same non-commercial ground, DIY-ideology (“Do It Yourself”), deliberate drift from the mass audience. As in art-house, the main accent is on the actor’s inner world, personal conflicts and moral dilemmas. Unlike classical (and many modern) circuses, with their desire to entertain the spectator, to impress through visual opulence, post-circus is characterized by its urge to make the viewer think, sympathize with what is going on, to raise questions and give an opportunity to find an appropriate answer independently.”