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This Woman Glued $437 Worth Of Pennies To Her Floor To Create THIS!

By Ace Nichols
January 27, 2016

When is the last time you’ve used your pennies? Let’s be honest, no one is carrying around pennies in their pockets anymore with any intent to spend them on their next purchase. So, what should you do them?! Well, Facebook user Gina Dagastino, decided exactly what to do with her pennies. She took thousands of them and made something absolutely incredible!

She covered her entire kitchen floor in $437 worth of pennies! 43,758 pennies to be exact.


Each and every penny was glued to the floor individually. Wow, that must have taken a WHILE to complete.


She used this in order to make sure she spaced them out perfectly.


There are two steel pennies, a buffalo head nickel and an Indian head within each square foot of the floor and she couldn’t decide on heads or tails, so it’s all a mix of a little bit of both to create the best texture.


Once the pennies are fully set, she’s going to add some grout to make sure they all stay where they’re supposed to.


What an awesome, unique and rewarding project! This is the complete opposite of wasting money, too! Nicely done, Gina.

Check out more here on Gina’s Facebook page.