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This Woman Did The ‘Walk Of Shame’ In A Blizzard Without Pants Or Shoes On!

By Ace Nichols
January 26, 2016

Have you ever experienced your own ‘walk of shame’? If so, I bet it was a little embarrassing, but it probably wasn’t nearly as painful as it looks to have been for this young lady.


This woman was spotted in the streets of West Virginia during the blizzard walking around in a t-shirt, with no pants or shoes on. The video was posted to Twitter on Saturday by Chandlar Fowler, an onlooker, who assumed by the woman’s attire that a ‘walk of shame’ was probably what was happening here. With the post, Fowler wrote “The worst walk of shame the world and Blizzard Jonas has ever seen.”

Whether this really was a walk of shame or not, this girl has to be freezing cold and the Uber driver she’s probably waiting on is not getting a tip.

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