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This Stray Cat Changed This Struggling Street Musician’s Life Forever…

By Ace Nichols
January 21, 2016

One small encounter can change your life.. and this story will prove that to you.

James Bowen, a struggling street musician living in England, would play for the public daily on the same street corner. He was only making a little bit of money, which was lowering his confidence, making him unsure of how long he could go on performing. But then, he ran into a sick stray cat hanging around his apartment that would soon become his best friend.

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He nursed the cat back to health and named him “Bob” and Bob then would tag along with James to perform on the streets every day. Soon enough, Bob became a star! People began to fall in love with Bob and specifically come to see James perform with him, take pictures with him and James was bringing in more money from people because of Bob.

James went on to write his own book called “A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life.” to share his experience and story with the world. People lined up outside of book stores to get their copies of the book signed by James and to meet Bob in person. The book was a hit, which launched James’ new career as a writer.

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