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This Looks Like An Old School Bus, But When I Saw The Inside I Was BLOWN AWAY!

By Karly Carpena
November 16, 2015

With Julie and Andrew Puckett apartment rent increasing by 25 percent, they looked into the idea of building a tiny home. But after much research, they learned it would take up to 8 months to build…

“I had the idea to search used tiny houses, and in doing so, found out about school bus conversions,” Julie, 30, told

The search then led to the discovery of a 1990 Blue Bird bus, which was already mostly converted and used as a temporary camper for a cattle farmer.

“We paid under $10,000 for the bus, and put in just over $1,000 in additional changes,” she says. “We did the building ourselves and sewed all of the curtains and cushions, which helped cut costs significantly.”

Parked 20 minutes outside of the city in a state park, the Pucketts are in love with their new lifestyle and the idea that they can live “anywhere”. The couple’s true passion is music, so they plan to drive the bus all over the country in the summer to play at small venues.

The home features cozy wood flooring, a storage couch and lift-up bed, a lift-up table that also becomes a crate for their dog and designed custom cabinets.

“Having designated separation of space helps it feel like a home,” Julie says. “Our shower is full size, our toilet has its own room, and we have a full closet that helps break up the space. Also, the amount of love and attention to detail that has been dedicated to every area of the bus is something you feel when you’re here.”

Although it may appear small, they love throwing dinner parties for their friends: “We like to keep it at no more than five people to give everyone a comfortable amount of space, but we’ve had as many as nine before and we made it work!”

“We don’t have kids, we have work that allows us to travel fairly frequently, and we’ve been able to pare down in our belongings pretty aggressively. In 10 years, some of those factors may be different, but I’m really glad we were able to follow through on this particular dream of ours.”

She says: “Living tiny will challenge you in unexpected ways, but if you’re sharing the journey with a loving partner, it takes the scare out of it.”