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This Is Where The Children Of History’s Worst Mass Murderers Are Today

By Karly Carpena
September 25, 2016

1Edda Goring


Edda has maintained a low profile for the most part. She has, however, engaged in lengthy legal battles over the ownership of the artwork her father acquired during the war.

2Muammar Gaddafi


Muammar Gaddafi was the leader of Libya from 1969-2011. During that time, Libya was accused of many human rights violations. He was overthrown and executed in 2011.

3Mutassim Gaddafi


Mutassim was the National Security Adviser for Libya from 2006-2011. During that time, he met with both Hilary Clinton and John McCain in an attempt to strengthen Libya’s military power. He was killed alongside his father in the 2011 revolution.

4Uday Hussein


Uday made his father look like Mother Teresa. Uday was a vicious sociopath who was sentenced to death by his father for drunkenly stabbing Saddam’s valet at a party. It was later reduced to a three month sentence. He was also known to beat and torture the Iraqi soccer team for losing, rape whoever he pleased, and murder anyone who showed him the slightest disrespect. He was killed by American forces on July 22, 2003, and there was celebration throughout Baghdad.

5Kim-Jong ll


This North Korean despot loved cognac, golfing and crimes against humanity. A puppet-version of him was the antagonist of the movie Team America: World Police. His country was developing nuclear powers when he died of a suspected heart attack in 2011.

6Kim Jong Un


This precocious butterball is following in Daddy’s footsteps. He loves violating basic human rights almost as much as he loves playing b-ball with his BFF, Dennis Rodman! And like his father, he was parodied in an American comedy, The Interview.