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This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Drink A Gallon Of Water A Day For A Month…

By Karly Carpena
February 11, 2016

It’s important to drink water daily, but most people don’t intake the amount your body needs (2 to 3 liters/daily) to properly function.

Sarah Smith is a 42 year old mother of two young kids that suffered from poor indigestion and regular headaches. To combat these health issues she took the “gallon challenge” and documented the results.

She says: “I am 42, but have to admit I look more like 52 in this picture, which is shocking. There are dark shadows under and around my eyes, which make me look exhausted, a profusion of wrinkles and strange reddish blotches, and my skin lacks any lustre. It looks dead….even my lips look shrivelled.”

She spread out her intake most likely using a technique like the one pictured below:


After week one, Sarah noticed that her bowels were starting to function more properly. One side effect was that she started breaking out, which is a result of the toxins being released from her body.

She also lost the stiffness in her joints and headaches were a thing of the past. So she decided to keep on chugging (Pun intended)…

After week two, her acne started to go away and her complexion “they look less crepey and shadowy than before”. She also began to lose weight and her husband noted that her cellulite was vanishing. Again, no headaches 🙂

After the third week, the wrinkles and dark circles under her eyes disappeared! She also began eating less because her stomach was signaling to her brain that she was full. Did you know that 37% of people actually mistake thirst signals for hunger signals? Crazy right!?

After the fourth week, Sarah said: “I genuinely can’t believe the difference in my face. I look like a different woman. The dark shadows around my eyes have all but disappeared and the blotches have gone. My skin is almost as dewy as it was when I was a child. The transformation is nothing short of remarkable.”

Check out the remarkable before and after photos below: