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This Is What Happens If You Smoke While Pregnant

By Karly Carpena
August 17, 2016

We all know that smoking is a terrible thing to do when pregnant, but few of us have actually seen the results. This ultrasound gives you a clear picture of what happens when a pregnant woman smokes.

A new study in the UK just released ultrasound pictures from their study comparing smoking mothers with non-smoking mothers. The results are shocking and heartbreaking.


These researchers are releasing these pictures in the hopes that it will convince moms not to smoke while pregnant. They think when they see the pictures, they will understand the truth.


On the top are pictures of a baby whose mother is smoking. On the bottom are pictures of a normal baby. The differences are shocking.


These babies are completely identical, both are the same age. The only thing that separates these two babies is the fact that one of their mom’s is smoking.


The baby with the smoking mother is incredibly stressed out, while the normal baby seems fine. It’s incredibly heartbreaking to see this in such detail. It’s not fair that a newly born human should be put through this torture.


The results of this study are simple. Anything the mom does the baby feels as well. Hopefully one day we will put an end to smoking pregnant women forever.


All babies are valuable, none should be subjected to this mistreatment. They truly are our most valuable resource- they are out future!