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This Girl Is EMBARRASSED To Wear Second-Hand Clothes, Now Watch What Mom Does…

By Karly Carpena
December 7, 2015

When Ally Olsen learned that her daughter, Kaylee, had been teasing another girl at school she wanted to teach her a lesson in empathy.

11-year-old Kaylee had been making fun of another girl’s clothes. “She said, ‘You’re ugly, you dress sleazy, you’re mean,’” Ally remarked. “She needed to know how inappropriate she was behaving.”

So Ally took her daughter to a thrift store and asked her to pick out the clothes she thought were the ugliest. Kaylee then forced her daughter to wear those clothes to school.

All of the kids teased her, which made her have a realization… “I [was] like, why would they do that to me,” Kaylee told ABC. “I’m still a normal person. It doesn’t matter what you wear.”

She ended up apologizing to the girl she made fun of and now the two are best friends.

“We really think if you felt how this little girl feels, you might have a little empathy for her,” Ally said. “She learned exactly what we wanted her to learn. We couldn’t be happier.”