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This Girl Ate Nothing But KFC For 3 Years, THIS Is What She Looks Like Today…

By Karly Carpena
July 15, 2016


Popular restaurant chain KFC is known for serving their world famous fried chicken and sides. Many studies have said that fried chicken is terrible for you, but a new study says otherwise:

Saturated fat, the stuff that comes from red meat, poultry, yummy cheese and other dairy products is supposed to raise your cholesterol, clog your arteries, increase your risk of type 2 diabetes and give you a heart attack.

That was before a new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that saturated fat has been, well, slandered, libeled and maligned by zealots who want everyone to stop eating cheeseburgers. NPR analyzed the exhaustive study this way:


“When researchers have tracked people’s saturated fat intake over time and then followed up to see whether higher intake increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, they haven’t found a clear, consistent link.

In fact, the new study finds “null associations” between total saturated fat intake and coronary risk. And a prior analysis that included more than 300,000 participants came to a similar conclusion.”

It’s not that LDL cholesterol, also known as the “bad cholesterol” found in saturated fats, is suddenly good for you. Just that the connection between saturated fat and cholesterol is more complicated. For example, those meats and cheeses can also increase HDL cholesterol, known as the “good” kind. So a blanket declaration that saturated fat is evil may not be appropriate.

Whatever your thoughts are on fried chicken, do you think you could eat the same meal every day for 3 years?


21 year-old Georgie Scotney’s story is going viral after it was reported that she ate nothing but Kentucky Fried Chicken for 3 years…For every meal! But their is a dark reason why…

See what Scotney looks like and how fried chicken effected her life/body on the next page.