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This Couple Motivated Each Other To Lose Hundreds Of Pounds. So Inspiring!

By Karly Carpena
September 21, 2016


Angela and Willie Gillis both used to be athletes. They eventually lost track of their weight and ended up struggling with obesity. They decided to take matters into their own hands and get their health back on track.



When the couple’s goddaughter was born, they decided their health was too important to ignore. They started hopping on the treadmill for a while each day. It was a small start, but it led to something amazing.Nowadays, the couple is totally unrecognizable. They lost a combined 500 pounds!


Big Dreams

Not only have they lost the weight, but the pair now runs marathons together! Their training keeps them focused and happy.


Racing Forward

The Gillises have completed an astonishing 34 marathons together. They are certainly motivated to keep the weight off. It doesn’t look like they’ll be unhealthy again anytime soon; their goddaughter will be so proud!