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This Couple Got Engaged On Halloween, But It’s THIS Ring That Has Everyone Talking…

By Karly Carpena
November 8, 2015

Leifkes and her boyfriend Lucas Unger got engaged on Halloween after meeting at a musical festival earlier this year.

The couple share a mutual love for oddities and discussed engagement rings prior to Unger popping the question. One thing Leifkes did not want was an overrated diamond ring.


“It’s unfair to advertise things like if you don’t buy your woman the largest, most expensive diamond, your relationship means little to you,” Leifkes told A Plus.

After discussing alternative options, Unger suggested a ring made of Unger’s wisdom tooth…


“This ring is a piece of Lucas and holds way more meaning than a diamond. It literally came from the man who I am so over the moon about,” Leifkes says.



The couple is planning to get married in Las Vegas later this month.