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These Bungee Cords Hacks Will Help You Organize Your Home

By Karly Carpena
December 29, 2015

Bungee cords are often neglected in the garage, but now you can put them to good use all around your home. They can be transformed into holders, organizers, and clamps!


Bungee Magazine Rack

Did you know that you can use bungee cords to hang up your favorite magazine editions? Neither did we, but it looks awesome!

Easy To Create

Grab a pegboard from your local home improvement shop and a wooden shelf to rest on top of the board after you hang it.


Hang Them Up

After you get the board fixed to the wall, you just need to attach the multi-colored bungee cords and hang your favorite magazines!


Secure Your Tablecloth

Grommets and a bungee cord can help secure your tablecloth in the wind, so now your picnics will have a classy touch that will last no matter what adverse weather your group may face!


Stuffed Animal Storage

Use wood beams and bungee cords to create a stuffed animal holder for the messy little animal-lover in your life!


Bungee Balls

You can apply the same tactic to your garage to keep the basketballs, baseballs, volleyballs and soccer balls off the floor!


Just A Few Things

Grab a pack of thin bungee cords and a few wine works. Then use a pair of scissors to make two holes through the middle of the cork!


Put Those Corks To Good Use

Weave the bungee through the cork and tie off the ends, just like you see below. Now you’ll be able to keep all of your electronic cords organized without having to untie anything!


Bungee Security Railing

Reinforce shelved items with bungee cords. You can even use a hooked bungee to hang up your paper towel roll!


Perfect Addition To Your Child’s Bookshelf

Keep your children’s books actually on the bookshelf by lining a bungee cord about four inches higher than each of the individual shelves.

Secure each cord with a hook screw and place your books on the shelf with confidence that they won’t tumble off!


Keep Your Groceries In Line

You can also line your trunk with bungee cords so your grocery bags won’t slide and slip around on the drive home! It’ll make unloading them much easier since they’ll be right in arms’ reach.


Bungee Hang

Bungee cords can even been used to keep your extension cords and rope neat and organized in your garage.

For this tip, you just need to weave the cord under the rope or extension cord (like you see below) and hang it from the extra large hook screw you attached to your wall!


Bungee Cord Curtain Rod

Hang two sets of curtains on one rod using this cool trick.

It’s simple, just hang your blackout curtains on a bungee cord behind your decorative curtains – no one will see the cord and assembly is a breeze!


Bungee-Store Your Accessories

This project take a little work but when it’s done, you’ll see that it was totally worth it!


Fun Finishes

Once you have the steps shown above complete, you can add a stain or specialty finish to the wooden planks. They’ll look absolutely gorgeous when you give it this little boost!


Ready To Display

After the stain has dried, you can use wall-safe hangers to attach them to your wall. Then you can hang your scarves, sunglasses, headphones and whatever else you’d like from them!


Even More Hacks For Your Home

If you want to learn even more ways to use bungee cords in your everyday life, click “Play” on the video below!