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These 3 Orphan Babies Were Severely Burnt. 27 Years Later They Look Like THIS…

By Karly Carpena
December 13, 2015

On the 21st of September 1988 a stroke of fate befell the monozygotic triples Traf, Jordan and Chandra that will leave you stunned. The three small texans were still babies and could not have known what was going to happen to them on this day.


The triplets were just 17 months old, when there house was destroyed by fire in the night. But there’s worse: their mother Patti, lost her life to the blazing hell.


As the flames strike out around him, the father tries to save his triplets: they’re still sleeping in their cots as he breaks in a window to reach them. The firemen had not yet arrived.


The ambulance took the babies immediately to emergency. For months the triplets had to remain in ICU because they’d received third degree burns to 30-45 procent of their bodies. Doctors feared for the lives of the three sweet girls.


Even though the fire had inflicted a terrible pain on them and the physical pain of losing their mother too, they still had one another. This was absolutely crucial because another fate would hit home later in their lives..


They father, who had saved them from the burning hause, later died in 2002 from a drug overdose. The three were completely orphaned and had to move in with their grandmother.


On top of that their skin was completely disfigured from the fire. Therefore they had to undergo dozens of operations so that their skin could heal.


As the three ages, it became apparent to them: their bodies would always look different to the other kids at school. For this reason they always wore long-sleeved tops and lots of make-up to school, in order to escape the ridicule and insults.


The girls have decided however, not to give up. One day, one of the three sisters, Chandra, heard of a doctor named Dr. Jill Waibel, who specialised in acne-scars. She also worked with burn scars.


The sisters’ burns were so bad that Dr. Waibel conducted the procedures for free. For Jordan, the was a particularly amazing gift as wanted to get married soon. As she tried on a dress after her treatments she was overwhelmed:”this is the kind of dress that I could never have worn, if I had grown up and still had my scars”, she said.


The three sisters are now much more self-confident and would like to empower other burns-victims. They believe that others would also benefits from these procedures.


And actually: Since 2009, 50.000 people with burns scars have undergone this type of treatment – and with fantastic success.