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Teen Was Dead For 20 Minutes. Who He Sees In ‘Heaven’? I’m STUNNED!

By Karly Carpena
August 2, 2016

Doctors are able to observe a human body after it dies, but nothing is certain once a person’s soul leaves the body. Scientists shy away from the theory as their is no proven placement of one’s “soul” within the body or if one even exists to begin with.

Many people who have experienced near-death experiences often describe seeing a white light or a figure of some sort. They also describe an overwhelming feeling of calmness as they entire the light.

The only thing we have to rely on is people’s stories who have had a near death experience. Many people have gotten into car accidents, for example, and recall their experiences while on the “other side” before coming back to life.


1Zack Clements was your average teenager looking forward to turning 17.

Zack who lives in Brownwood, Texas, plays on the high school football team and is involved in lots of extra curricular activities.


2Victory Life Academy was holding an endurance training camp when something unexpected happened..

Out of nowhere Zach collapse on the football field. The principal, who used to be a volunteer ambulance crew member, rushed to try and save the young man’s life.


3Shortly after the incident, an ambulance arrived and immediately performed CPR: “The situation was one of the gravest I’d seen.”

Zack was then transferred to the Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.


4By the time Zack’s parents Teresa and Billy Clements met with doctors at the hospital, they were given the horrible news.

Zack was declared dead for 20 minutes and most likely would suffer irreversible brain damage when he awoke.


Learn more about Zach’s story and what he say on the “other side” by clicking the CONTINUE button below…