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This Man’s Tattoo Tribute To His Grandma Is Liked By Millions Of People

By Ace Nichols
April 22, 2016

A professional skateboarder from Brazil, Léo Javiel, wanted to get a very special tattoo in tribute of his grandmother who passed away.

Javiel’s mother gave birth to him at the young age of 14 years old and Neiva, Javiel’s grandmother, raised him.

Neiva died in July 2012. She headed out for the bank, after leaving a note for Javiel that she would be right back. While she was out, she started feeling sick and was taken to the hospital. She passed away a few days later.

While going through some old papers a month ago, Javiel came across the note his grandma left for him. It said: “Will be back around noon. Kisses, Granny.”

Javiel came up with an idea.. he wanted to turn the note his grandma left for him into a tattoo. He went to the tattoo studio to get it done and the artist there, Tiago Lopes, said he would do it, but he would not accept payment.

Images of the tattoo, shared by both Javiel and Lopes, quickly gained MILLIONS of likes online.

What an amazing and special tribute by Javiel to remember his grandma. SHARE this touching story of remembrance with your friends and family on Facebook today.