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He Shines HIs Flashlight Into A Hole In The Ground. When THIS Crawls Out, He’s STUNNED!

By Karly Carpena
May 3, 2016

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Many species of temperate-climate turtles and tortoises hibernate in the winter. Most pet turtles don’t need to hibernate to survive, but annual hibernation periods can increase their odds of breeding success.

Most turtles hibernate for 2-4 months, but this is only if your pet lives outside. Indoor tortoises do not need to hibernate.


The farther away your breed of turtle is from the equator, the more likely that they need to hibernate.

These are the most common turtle species that need to hibernate:

  • Box turtles
    Russian or Horsfield’s tortoises
    Spur-thighed tortoises
    Marginated tortoises
    Hermann’s tortoises
    Desert tortoises
    Gopher tortoises
    Texas tortoises
    Wood turtle
    Spotted turtles
    Red-eared sliders
    Snapping turtles

In the video below, watch as Taco the tortoise comes out of hibernation and prepare for cuteness overload! “Taco, the amazing tortoise, comes out of his burrow when called! We were in total disbelief, but the tortoise has done this several days in a row, and now we have video to prove it! Our itty bitty tortoise is incredible,” said the proud pet parents.