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Surrogate Mom Sues After The Father Orders Her To Have An Abortion

By Karly Carpena
January 9, 2016

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A surrogate mother is suing the man who hired her after he told her to have an abortion, as she is pregnant with triplets, according to a report from California Health Online.

Melissa Cook of California signed the contract, worth $33,000, with a single man from Georgia, according to The Daily Mail. Cook is a 47-year-old mother of four, while the father is a 50-year-old Postal Service employee.

According to Cook’s filing, she was implanted with three male embryos carrying the man’s sperm in August, but over the last few months, he has grown concerned with the idea of raising all three children and asked Cook to abort one of the three, the Daily Mail reported. Cook is now suing the man, identified only by the initials “C.M.,” and wants to be declared the children’s legal mother when they are born, so that she may then seek custody of at least the one the man wants aborted.

“I no longer view surrogacy arrangements in the same favorable light I once did. Children derive a special benefit from their relationship with their mother. I now think that the basic concept of surrogacy arrangements must be re-examined, scrutinized, and reconsidered,” Cook said in a statement the Daily Mail acquired.