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Doctors Urge People To Get Rid Of Their Bristle BBQ Brushes

By Karly Carpena
September 6, 2016

Lisa Wadden of Dartmouth, N.S. said that she got a wire embedded in her throat and she had not been using a cheap or old brush either. Surgeons could not remove the bristle that was causing her excruciating pain.


After several months of tests and two unsuccessful attempts to remove the 1.5 centimeter piece of metal, Wadden’s otolaryngologist told her to wait for scar tissue to cushion the wire and the pain.

Kevin Gallant also had swallowed a bristle wire and hadn’t realized it. He had unexplained stomach problems for about a year and a half before doctors found a wire in his small intestine and removed it and part of his intestine as well.


The surgeons speaking out about the BBQ danger hope that if they raise awareness of the issue, they can see the removal of the brushes from the marketplace. Until that happens, Dempsey suggests people discard the wire brushes and use a crumpled ball of tinfoil instead.

I never knew about this danger, did you? Share this safety information with your family and friends.