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Step-Dad Refuses To Fund His Daughter’s Wedding When He Discovers The Truth

By Karly Carpena
September 28, 2016

Watching your child grow up and have a big wedding is one of the most exciting times in any father’s life. But with a bigger wedding, comes an even BIGGER cost. From flowers, to food, to alcohol, to the dress, there are so many costs.

Just because a step-father raises their daughter, doesn’t mean they aren’t their dad. Some raise their step-children from birth and view them as one of their own. But weddings can bring out the worst in people. One man had a rude and painful awakening as the wedding day for his step-daughter got closer and closer.

A step-dad never married the mother but they lived as common-laws raising her daughter together for the last 10 years. His partner and her daughter have been pouring their heart and soul planning the perfect wedding.


His step-daughter graduated last Christmas. She enjoyed a free education since the man who has been her father for the last 10 years paid over $40,000 for her to complete her degree. As a new graduate, however, she has been unable to land a new job. Nonetheless, to make sure she gets around easily to apply for employment and go to job interviews the man bought his daughter her own car. She also lives at home with them with no plans to move out till she marries.


The man stepped up when the biological father did not. Not only was he part of her everyday needs like providing a comfortable home, food, and clothes, he was around for the important things. Everything from helping her with homework, boy issues, or simply going for a walk when she was feeling down.


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