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Starbucks Banned This Man For Life! The Reason Why Is SHOCKING Everyone…

By Karly Carpena
June 6, 2016

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Rob Rowen from St. Petersburg, Florida, has been banned from Starbucks for life because he told people illegally parked in handicapped spaces to move.

Starbucks sent Roba letter stating he has been disrupting business and threatening customers and is not welcome back, reports WTSP.

“I regret to inform you you’ve been expelled from Starbucks,” the letter states.

Rowan expected the letter to be an apology from the chain because the South Dale Mabry, Tampa, location’s manager had kicked him out. Instead, Rowen is banned from any and all Starbucks.

It all began because Rowen got tired of seeing people park in handicapped spaces when they were capable of walking the extra distance to the store.

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