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Starbucks Customers Are Using THIS Fake Name For Their Order. Why? This Is AMAZING!

By Karly Carpena
July 19, 2016

Coffee houses have always been a place to get free wifi, work on your laptop, and overpay for coffee concoctions. Nowadays you can find four Starbucks on every corner, but back in 1971, the coffee house giant was just another coffee place bringing caffeine to the sleepy masses.


Starbucks was started by HGordon Bowker (a writer), Zev Siegl (a history teacher), and Jerry Baldwin (an English teacher). Their goal was to bring the best coffee to Seattle then they opened the first Starbucks in 1971 in Pike Place Market. At first, it didn’t even sell coffee, but only the beans.


The name “Starbucks” refers to the first mate in a Herman Melville book. Bowker first suggested they name the place after the Moby-Dick whaling ship, the Pequod.


It turns out there’s no real reason why a small is tall or a large is venti. The cup sizes first debuted at Howard Schultz’s 1986 solo venture, Il Giornale, before crossing into Starbucks, when he returned to the company. His Il Giornale partner, Dawn Pinaud, fully admitted they just made them up in a conference room.

Now that you know the history of Starbucks, find out the clever reason why people around the USA are using the same name for their coffee orders. The answer will surprise you! Click the CONTINUE button below to read on…