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Special Ed Teacher Scolds His Students Every Morning. What He Says? UNBELIEVABLE!

By Karly Carpena
November 17, 2015

Chris Ulmer, 26, teaches special education at Keystone Academy in Jacksonville, Florida. Recently, he posted a Facebook video showing exactly what he does each and every morning with his students.

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He invites his students up one-by-one and spends 10 minutes each day complimenting his kids and giving them high fives. “I have seen their confidence and self-worth skyrocket,” he wrote in a caption in the video.

“I consider it my job to reverse this psychological hardwiring and build up their esteem,” he told The Mighty. “Simple reminders of their positive attributes shifts student focus from what they can’t do to what they can do.”

“Instead of focusing on deficits I focus on talents,” Ulmer wrote in his Facebook video. “Instead of talking about peace, love and harmony I display peace, love and harmony. A child’s reality is shaped from early life experience. If they have a mean, jaded teacher they will think [of] the world as mean and jaded. But if a teacher displays love, harmony and peace…THAT will become their norm.”

“They praise each other for accomplishments as if it was their own,” he added in the video caption. “They never insult one another and actively work towards helping each other.”

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