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Mother Woke Up And Found A Huge Snake In Her Son’s Bed Biting At His Face!

By Ace Nichols
February 28, 2016

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If this isn’t a mother’s worst nightmare, I don’t know what is! Could you imagine waking up in the middle of the night hearing screams coming from your child’s bedroom and when you walk in you find a huge snake in your kid’s bed? Well, this mother experienced the shock of her life when it happened to her son.

This happened in the town of Macksville in Australia – Tammy, the boy’s mother, heard loud screams coming from her son Tyler’s bedroom when had to run in and rip the snake off of his face. Tyler was asleep on the top bunk of a set of bunk beds when the 9-foot python climbed into bed with him.

Craig Baker, who uploaded the photos to Facebook, said that Tyler is ok after the terrifying event. The post has been taken down or set to private, after it received thousands of shares in a very short amount of time. With the photos, Craig wrote:

“Thursday night a huge three-meter Python climbed up onto the top bunk of Tyler’s bed while he was asleep and bit him a fare few times on his face and hand,” reads the Facebook status. Tammy (his mum) heard the scream and ran in and had to pull the snake off him. Thank God Brady came to save the day and got rid of it.”

The snake has since been killed and removed from the house by Brady – a family friend, but not before he took this proud photo with it.


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