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So THIS Is What The Small Pocket In The Front Of Your Jeans Is For…

By Karly Carpena
January 31, 2016

Here’s-What-That-Small-Pocket-Above-Your-Jeans-Pocket-ACTUALLY-Means copy

You know that small pocket on your the front of your jeans that is sewn above your right front pocket? Well apparently it had a true purpose back in the 1800s.

Someone posted a question to Quora wondering the same thing…

Quora user Nitin Sachdev was the first one to offer the answer:

“It’s a watch pocket. Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waistcoats. To keep them from getting broken, Levi’s introduced this small pocket where they could keep their watch,” he wrote.


Levi Strauss’ blog later confirmed that it was included as protection for pocket watches, but also served other functions, such as storing condoms, coins, matches, tickets, etc.