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This Skydiver Had A Seizure In Mid-Air. What His Instructor Did? The Bravest Thing Ever!

By Ace Nichols
February 17, 2016

Christopher Jones always wanted to be a successful skydiver, but while attempting stage five of his Accelerated Free Fall program, he had a near death experience that he’ll never forget.

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Christopher was an epileptic making it too dangerous for him to skydive with his condition, but it had been four years since he had his last seizure, so his doctor gave him the clearance to go ahead and do it. He was really excited when the day arrived and he was able to jump from the plane, but shortly after – the worst thing imaginable happened – he started to have a seizure while mid-air.

At about 9,000 feet, Christopher started seizing while trying to make a left turn and he spent the next 30 seconds falling through the air unconscious. But then, at 4,000 feet, his instructor swooped in and pulled his ripcord saving Christopher’s life. He regained consciousness in enough time to land safely on the ground.

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