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Dad Pulls Apart His Daughter’s Sippy Cup. What He Finds Inside? This is UNBELIEVABLE!

By Ace Nichols
February 24, 2016

If your kids are currently drinking their favorite beverages from a sippy cup, you may want to give it a second look. What some parents are finding hidden inside their kid’s favorite cups is pretty shocking and could lead to health concerns for your child.

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A dad named Craig in the UK posted his story on Facebook to share awareness with other parents of his findings inside his daughter’s sippy cup. He could not figure out why his 7-year-old daughter was having a tummy ache, but once he saw what was lurking inside her cup, he knew he had found the cause of her sickness.


Craig posted the photo above to his Facebook page, along with an important message:

“We haven’t been able to work out why she has had an upset stomach, and occasional runs for what seems around four weeks, until I figured it might be [her] bottle. It’s the only constant item she has had contact with the whole time.

“Today, I took a sharp knife and broke the cap apart. It isn’t designed to be taken apart and requires a bit of force to disassemble. The internal components have been hoarding bacteria.

“We were horrified and heartbroken that out little girl had been using this bottle in this state.”

Unfortunately, after Craig shared the photo, a lot of people scolded him in the comments for not washing the bottle properly, but that was not the issue and Craig responded:

“Anyone that knows me, will be fully aware how OCD I am about keeping things clean. This bottle and cap have been rinsed in boiling water and sterilized every day.

“Although we have been absolutely meticulous cleaning the bottle and cap every day, including dispersible sterilizing tablets, the cap has been making our 7-year-old daughter poorly.

“A friend of mine told me a story of a thermos flask with a pop-up lid he had that kept making him sick, which directed me to investigate the cap.”

However, other parents besides Craig are having similar findings in their own child’s cups. Penny Powell shared this image after her friend couldn’t come to any conclusions on how her son kept getting sick until she broke open the anti-leaking lid on his cup and found tons of mold and bacteria hiding inside.



And then Penny found the same thing hiding in her own child’s cup!


If your child has exposure like this to mold, it could cause health problems such as breathing problems, irritation in the eyes, nose and throat, stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting.

Thanks to Craig and Penny for sharing these photos and information of their findings with others to raise awareness in hopes that parents will examine their child’s sippy cups to make sure they know exactly what’s going into their child’s bodies.

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